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     1. art. the
     1. n. wind (movement of air caused by differences in atmospheric pressure)
     1. art. (Form of the article (m, it, i, , the) used before a vowel, it, dei, , gods); the
           gli alberi - the trees
           gli studenti - the students
           gli gnomi - the gnomes
           gli pneumatici - the tires
           gli xilofoni - the xylophones
           gli yogurt - the yogurts
           gli zaini - the backpacks
           gli dei - the gods
     2. pron. (dative) him, to him; it; to it
           Gli parlo. - I talk to him.
     3. pron. (dative, informal) her, to her
           Ho detto a Gianna che gli telefono domani. - I told Gianna I'd call her tomorrow.
     4. pron. (dative) them, to them
           Gli parlerĂ². - I'll talk to them.
     1. v. third-person singular present indicative of andare
     2. v. second-person singular imperative of andare
          1. v. (intransitive) to go
                andare a casa - to go home
                andare veloce - to go fast
          2. v. (intransitive) to feel like (only with the 3rd person), to want/like
                non mi va di ballare - I don't feel like dancing
                mi andrebbe del gelato - I'd like some ice cream
     1. prep. it-prep
     2. prep. against
     3. adv. against
     4. n-m. con
     5. adj. (in combination) counter
     6. v. first-person singular present indicative of contrare
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