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     1. adv. so
     2. adv. like this/that
     3. adv. thus
     1. v. first-person plural present indicative of salvare
     2. v. first-person plural present subjunctive of salvare
     3. v. first-person plural imperative of salvare
          1. v. to save, rescue, retrieve, deliver
          2. v. to save, guard, safeguard, protect, defend
     1. n-f. goat (mammal)
     2. n-f. nanny goat
     3. n-f. trestle
     1. conj. and
     1. n. plural of cavolo
          1. n. cabbage
          2. n. (intensifier) (euphemistic form of cazzo); the deuce, the dickens
                che cavolo fai? - what the deuce are you doing?
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