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Google Translation:
(araldica) strumento formato da due tenaglie dentate unite insieme per stringere un oggetto

     1. n. heraldry
     2. adj. feminine singular of araldico
     1. n. all senses, tool, implement, means
     2. v. first-person singular present indicative of strumentare
          1. v. (transitive, music) To instrument or orchestrate.
     1. v. past participle of formare (feminine: formata, masculine plural: formati, feminine plural: formate)
     2. adj. mature, fully developed, fully grown
     3. n. size, measure, dimension
     4. n. format
          1. v. to form, create, shape, make, mould
          2. v. to form, establish, set up, create, make up
          3. v. to train, educate
     1. prep. from
           Giacomino da Verona - Giacomino from Verona
           interviste dal libro - interviews from the book
           traduzione dall’“Inferno” di Dante - translation from Dante’s ‘Inferno’
           Dalla Terra alla Luna - From the Earth to the Moon
     2. prep. at
           da Giovanni - at Giovanni’s house
     3. prep. since
           da quando? - since when?
     4. prep. to (implying necessity)
           Non c'è (niente) da fare - There's nothing to do
     5. prep. ngd, Used in some adverbial phrases:
           da per tutto/dappertutto/da ogni parte - everywhere
           da presso/dappresso - closely
           da lontano - from a distance
           da solo - by oneself
     6. prep. like, as
           fare una vita da cani - to live like dogs
           correre da matti - to run like crazies
           trattare da amico - to treat as a friend
     7. v. misspelling of dà
     1. num. (cln, it, cardinal numbers) two
     2. adj. two
     3. n. two
     4. n. (following the article (m, it, le)) two o'clock (a.m. or p.m.)
           Sono le due. - It's two o'clock.
     1. n. plural of tenaglia
     2. n. pincers, pliers, tongs
     3. n. forceps
          1. n. (chiefly in the plural) pincers, forceps
     1. adj. feminine plural of dentato
          1. adj. toothed
          2. adj. dentate
     1. v. second-person plural present indicative of unire
     2. v. second-person plural imperative of unire
     3. v. plural of it
          1. v. to unite, to put together
          2. v. to join
     1. adv. together
           Lavoriamo insieme. - We work together.
     2. adv. at the same time
     3. n. (mathematics) set
     4. n. whole, ensemble, group
           nel suo insieme; l'insieme di - as a whole
     5. prep. with, together with, along with
           Vieni insieme a me. - Come along with me.
     1. prep. for
           Ma io l'ho fatto per te! - But I did it for you!
           Te lo vendo per appena trecento euro - I'll sell it you for only three hundred euro
           Ho studiato per tre ore - I studied for three hours
           Questo è il treno per Londra - This is the train for London
     2. prep. to (indicates direction)
     3. prep. through
           Sono passato per il centro - I passed through the center
     4. prep. in or on
           Camminava ansiosamente per la stanza - He was pacing anxiously about the room
     5. prep. by
           Te lo invio per posta - I'll send it to to by post
     6. prep. with
     7. prep. as
     1. v. to tighten, clasp, grasp, grab
     2. v. to reduce
     1. art. an, a
     2. n. one
     3. adj. one
     4. pron. one
     1. n. object
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