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Conjugation of the Italian verb affacciarsi

A list of the common conjugations for the Italian verb affacciarsi, along with their English translations.

affacciarsito look

Present Continuous / Presente Progressivo
Note for the Present Continuous Italian uses the present tense of the verb stare and the gerund of the verb.
io sto affacciandosiI am looking
tu stai affacciandosiyou are looking
lui sta affacciandosihe is looking
lei sta affacciandosishe is looking
noi stiamo affacciandosiwe are looking
voi state affacciandosiyou are looking
loro stanno affacciandosithey are looking

Pluperfect / Trapassato prossimo
io ero affacciatosiI had looked
tu eri affacciatosiyou had looked
lui era affacciatosihe had looked

Future Perfect / Futuro anteriore
The Italian Future Perfect or Futuro anteriore is made with the future tense of avere for transitive verbs or essere for reflexive and intransitive verbs and the past participle of the verb. The past participle agrees with the subject for verbs that take essere, or with the direct object for verbs that take avere.
io sarĂ² affacciatosiI will have looked
tu sarai affacciatosiyou will have looked
lui sarĂ  affacciatosihe will have looked

affacciati Look
affacciamociLet's look
affacciatevi Look

Present Participle
affacciantesi looking

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