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The German word for to look is

German Definition

     [1] schauen, sehen
     [2] anschauen, betrachten
     [3] suchen
     [4] aussehen
          [1] "At the window a face looks back out and for a moment is caught in the moonlight, then its ducks back inside to carry on with its business."
          [2] Don't look at me!
            Schau mich nicht an!
          [3] We're looking for the station.
            Wir suchen den Bahnhof.
          [4] Your new dress looks beautyful.
            Dein neues Kleid sieht wunderbar aus.

Translations for look and their definitions

     n. plural of Schau
     v. to look (at something, at a certain location, in a certain direction)
     v. to watch, to view
          Ich schaue gern Fußball. - I like to watch football/soccer.

     v. third-person singular present of schauen
     v. second-person plural present of schauen
     v. plural imperative of schauen

     v. to expect, to consider likely
          Keine Sorge, ich erwarte, dass bald Hilfe kommt. - Don't worry, I'm expecting help to arrive soon.
          Was erwartest du von mir? - What do you expect from me?
     v. to await, to expect (someone to arrive)
          Kommen Sie rein, wir haben Sie erwartet. - Come in, we've been expecting you.

     n. gerund of scheinen
     n. dative plural of Schein
     v. to shine; to gleam
     v. (copulative) to seem; to appear; to look
          Es scheint mir, dass … - It seems to me that …
          Du scheinst erschöpft. - You seem exhausted.

     n. look, appearance
     v. (copulative) to look, seem (wie/nach like)
          Du siehst müde aus. - You look tired.
     v. to look good or bad; depending on intonation
          Das sieht aus! — Ich find schon, dass das aussieht. - That looks terrible! — I actually think it looks nice.
     v. to look for; to watch out for
          Er saß am Ufer und sah nach den Booten aus. - He sat at the shore and watched out for the boats.
     v. to look for and find; to pick; to select
          Sieh dir den Besten aus! - Find yourself the best!

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