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The German word for to eat is

to eat

German Definition

     [1] (transitiv) essen
     [2] (intransitiv) essen, speisen
          [1] I wouldn't eat that – it looks horrible!
            Ich werde das nicht essen – es schaut schrecklich aus!
          [2] When are we eating today?
            Wann essen wir heute?

Translations for eat and their definitions

     v. to eat
          Er isst gern Schokolade. — “He likes eating chocolate.”
          Ich esse einen Apfel. — “I am eating an apple.”
     v. (intransitive) to eat; to dine
          Wir haben noch nicht gegessen. — “We have not eaten yet.”
          Sie haben immer vor 9 Uhr abends gegessen. (or, Sie aßen immer vor 9 Uhr abends.) — “They always ate before 9 o’clock in the evening.”

     v. (intransitive, of an animal) to eat; to feed
     v. (intransitive, of a person, colloquial) to stuff oneself; to gorge oneself; to eat like a pig
     v. (transitive, of an animal) to devour; to eat (something)
     v. (transitive, of a person, colloquial) to stuff oneself on (something); to gorge on (something)
     v. (transitive, colloquial, figuratively) to guzzle (e.g. gas); to burn through (e.g. money)
     v. (colloquial, perfect only) to despise, to have a pet peeve against
          Den hab' ich ja gefressen. - Oh god, I hate that person. (Literally: I have eaten him.)




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