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The German word for light is



The plural of Licht is Lichter.

German Definition

     [1] Licht
     [2] Lichtquelle
     [3] allgemein: etwas zum Entzünden einer Flamme; Feuerzeug, Streichhölzer
     [4] Kurzform von enlightment: Verständnis
     [5] Architektur, meist in Wortkombinationen: Fenster
     [6] Kunst: Fokus, Licht
     [1] zu brennen beginnen oder brennend machen
     [2] (transitiv) hell machen
          [1] Wet wood doesn't light.
             Nasses Holz zündet nicht.
          [2] A small lamp lit up the bedroom.
            Eine kleine Lampe erhellte das Schlafzimmer.

Translations for light and their definitions

     v. to light, to illuminate
     v. to highlight

     n. gerund of anzünden
     v. to light (anything flammable)
     v. to strike (a match)
     v. to set on fire, to set fire to
     v. to kindle (as in the process of making a camping fire or something comparable)
     v. to torch (used when referring to arson or the destruction of vehicles by fire)

     adj. light (not heavy)
          Nur leichte Autos sollten diese Brücke befahren. - Only light cars should drive on this bridge.
     adj. easy (not difficult)
          eine leichte Aufgabe - an easy task
     adj. light, lite, diet (of food which is low in calories)
          Usage note: normally the english term light is used, e.g. in Light-Produkte = food with low sugar or calories
     adj. slight
          ein leichter Unterschied - a slight difference
     adv. slightly

     n. light
     n. (colloquial) candle
     n. (hunting) eye of game, especially ground game
     adj. light, bright (luminescent)
     adj. unobstructed, clear
          Du hast da eine lichte Stelle. - You have an almost bald spot.

     n. gerund of anstecken
     v. to infect
     v. to contract (with preposition: mit)
     v. to set fire to
     v. to put on (a ring); to pin on

     n. gerund of anmachen
     v. to switch on, to turn on (a lamp, a stove, an electronic device, etc.)
     v. to light, to start (a fire, a candle, gas etc.);
     v. to turn on (a person, sexually), to hit on (a person)
     v. (colloquial) to start something with (someone), to provoke (someone), to accost, (internet) to flame (approach aggressively)
     v. to dress (a salad)

     n-f. epiphany
     n-f. enlightenment
     n-f. illumination

     Participle. past participle of erleuchten
     adj. illuminated, enlightened
          erleuchtetes Fenster. - lighted window.

     n-f. flame (visible part of fire)
     n-f. flame (romantic partner or lover)

     adj. clear, bright, light

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