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The German word for high is


German Definition

     [1] hoch
     [2] umgangssprachlich, keine Steigerung: von Drogen berauscht
          [1] „I'm rising so high - out of my mind - so let it rain over me.“
            „Ich bin so hoch aufgestiegen - aus meinem Verstand heraus - so lass es über mich regnen.“
          [2] When I met him he was high.
            Als ich ihn traf, war er high.

Translations for high and their definitions

     n. high, anticyclone
     adj. high, tall
     adj. high, great, immense
     adj. grand, important
     adv. up, upwards
     adv. (colloquial figurative) northwards
          Wir fahren hoch an die Küste. - We'll drive up to the coast.
     adv. (mathematics) to the power of
          fünf hoch vier - five to the power of four, (5⁴)

     Participle. past participle of angehen

     adj. thick, tight, dense
     adj. impermeable, sealed, shut, locked (preventing passage or entrance)
          dicht machen - to shut
     adj. (with bei or an) close to
     adj. (colloquial) intoxicated
     adv. closely
     v. singular imperative of dichten
     v. colloquial of

     adj. clear, bright, light

     adv. (informal) alt form of darauf
     adv. (slang) high

     adj. (informal, chiefly predicative) high (intoxicated with a drug other than alcohol)

     v. first-person singular present of knattern
     v. singular imperative of knattern

     prep. to, towards (indicates directionality)
          zum Bahnhof - to the train station
     prep. with respect to; regarding
          Zu Punkt 1 möchte ich bemerken, dass... - With respect to item 1, let me remark that...
     prep. along with; with (accompanying (the main thing in question))
          Wasser zum Essen trinken - to drink water with one’s meal
     prep. at, on (indicates location)
          zu Hause - at home
     prep. at (indicates time)
          zur richtigen Zeit - at the right time
          zu Beginn - at the beginning
     prep. by, in, on, at (indicates mode (of transportation, speech, etc.))
          zu Pferd - on horseback
     prep. (with a verb) for; (with a noun) as, by way of (for the purpose of)
     prep. for (in honor of, or directed towards the celebration or event of)
     prep. into (indicates transition into another form or substance)
     prep. as, for, to be (to take on the role of)
     prep. to (used to indicate ratios)
     prep. at (denotes a price or rate)
     part. (with infinitives of verbs) to
          etwas zu essen - something to eat
     adv. (with adjectives and adverbs) too (excessively)
          zu schnell - too fast
     adv. (by extension, slang) (An intensifier.)
          Dieses Essen ist zu lecker! - This food tastes so good!
     adv. towards; at
     adv. (somewhat, informal) shut; closed; locked
     adv. ahead, on (along, forwards (continuing an action))
     adj. (somewhat, informal) shut, closed (made inaccessible or impassable; not open)
          Das Geschäft war zu. - The shop was closed.
          Die Tür muss aus Brandschutzgründen immer zu sein. - This door must be shut at all times for reasons of fire safety.
          Die Tür ist zu, ich komm nicht rein. - The door is locked, I can’t get in there.
     adj. closed (not operating or conducting trade)
     adj. done up (fastened)
     adj. (slang) hammered; very drunk

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