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     1. n-f. technique
     2. n-f. technology
     1. n-f. flat, thin, regularly (not necessarily circular) shaped object
     2. n-f. (informal) A computer hard disk.
     3. adj. inflected form of platt
     1. adv. (formal) mostly, most often, usually
     1. n-n. (sports) an out; the end of play for an individual or a team
     2. n-n. (sports) the out of bounds area
     3. n-n. end
     4. adv. out
     5. adv. (with “sein”) over; finished; ceased; up
           Das Spiel ist aus! - The game is up!
     6. adv. (of a device) off
     7. prep. from; out of; off of
     8. prep. of; made of; out of
     9. prep. for; because of; due to; out of
           Etwas aus Freundschaft tun. - To do something out of friendship.
     1. n-n. metal
     2. n-n. (heraldry) metal
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