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Google Translation:
Solange du deine Beine unter meinen Tisch steckst …

     1. adv. meanwhile
     2. conj. as long as, while
     1. pron. alternative case form of du (you (singular)) (especially when used as a direct address in letters)
     2. n. literally: the thou, the you (singular)
     3. pron. thou, you (singular familiar)
     1. det. inflected form of dein
hast du deine große weiße Katze noch
ja, und nun sollst du denselben weg gehen wie deine Wölfe!
          1. pron. genitive singular of du
          2. det. thy, your (esp. to friends, relatives, children, etc.).
     1. n. plural of Bein
          1. n-n. leg of a person, animal, or object; generally including the feet, but sometimes, in a more specific sense, excluding them
          2. n-n. (archaic) bone
     1. n-m. jack, knave (playing card)
     2. prep. under
     3. prep. below
     4. prep. among; between
     5. prep. (chiefly literary) with; along with; accompanied by an action (often concessive)
           Die englische Sprache überlebte die normannische Eroberung unter weitgehendem Verlust ihrer ursprünglichen Struktur.
             The English language survived the Norman conquest, largely losing, however, its original structure.
     6. prep. (rare or regional) during
     1. v. to think (to be of the opinion)
     2. v. to mean, to signify
     3. v. to mean, to intend
     4. v. (colloquial) to say
     5. pron. (possessive) accusative singular masculine of mein
     6. pron. (possessive) dative plural of mein
     1. n-m. table
     1. v. second-person singular present of stecken
          1. v. to stick; to put; to insert
          2. v. to pin
          3. v. (intransitive) to stick; to be stuck
          4. v. (intransitive) to be (hiding)
                Nur seine Eltern und zwei gute Freunde wissen, dass er hinter der Seite steckt. - Only his parents and two good friends know he is hiding behind the side.
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