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Google Translation:
Mathematik, veraltet, (n) oder (m): Dreieck

     1. n-f. mathematics
     1. v. past participle of veralten
     2. adj. antiquated
     3. adj. (linguistics) archaic; obsolete
     4. adj. corny
     5. adj. dated
     6. adj. deprecated
     7. adj. legacy
     8. adj. outdated, out-dated; out of date, out-of-date
     9. adj. outmoded
     10. adj. out of use
     11. adj. out-of-vogue
     12. adj. timeworn
          1. v. to become outdated
     1. Letter. The fourteenth letter of the German alphabet.
     2. art. (nonstandard)
     1. conj. or
           Danach alles gestr. oder noch 1–2 Wörter? - Is everything after that crossed out or are there one or two more words?
     2. part. (tag question) right?; is it?; is it not?
           Es ist kalt heute, oder?
             “It’s cold today, isn’t it?”
           Das war keine so gute Idee, oder?
             “That wasn’t such a good idea, was it?”
           Du kommst aus Deutschland, oder?
             “You come from Germany, don’t you?”
ei, ob du gerade oder krumm bist
oder zu erklären vermochte, was geschehen sei
     1. Letter. The thirteenth letter of the German alphabet.
     1. n-n. triangle
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