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In die Ecke,

     1. prep. (in + dative) in; within; at; contained by
           Es ist im Haus. - It is in the house.
     2. prep. (in + dative) pertaining to
     3. prep. (in + accusative) into
           Er geht ins Haus. - He goes into the house.
     4. adj. in, popular
geh in den Saal!
in einem Jahre nun
     1. art. The; declined form of der
           die Frau — “the woman”
           die Männer — “the men”
     2. pron. (in a subordinate clause as a relative pronoun) That; which; who; whom; whose.
           Ich kenne eine Frau, die das kann. — “I know a woman who can do that.”
     3. pron. (as a demonstrative pronoun) This one; that one; these ones; those ones; she; her; it; they; them
           die da — “that one (or she or they) there”
die Talente
und die einen tanzten
          1. art. the; definite article for several declensions:
          2. art.    Nominative singular masculine
          3. art.    Genitive singular feminine
          4. art.    Dative singular feminine
          5. art.    Genitive plural for all genders.
          6. pron. who; that; which
                Ich kenne einen Mann, der das kann. - I know a man who can do that.
          7. pron. (attributive, stressed) that
                Der Mann war es! - It was that man!
          8. pron. (indicative) him, he
                Der hat es getan! - It was him who did it!
          9. pron. (differential) the one, him
                Der mit dem Mantel - The one with the coat
     1. n-f. corner, edge
           Der Tisch steht in der Ecke. — “The table stands in the corner.”
     2. n-f. a roughly triangular or quadrangular piece of something
           Gib mir mal eine kleine Ecke von dem Kuchen.
             Give me a small piece of the cake, please.
     3. n-f. (chiefly colloquial) region; area; neighbourhood
           Ihr wohnt ja hier in ’ner ganz netten Ecke.
             You guys live in a nice area around here.
     4. n-f. (graph theory) vertex, node
     5. n-f. (sports) corner
sobald er in eine Ecke ging
die Ecke
     1. adv. (colloquial, idiomatic, postpositioned) thereabout, approximately, roughly
           Wo seid ihr überall gewesen? – Nürnberg, Würzburg, Bamberg, so die Ecke.
             “What places did you visit?” − “Nuremberg, Würzburg, Bamberg, thereabout.”
           Ich bin um Mitternacht die Ecke wieder da.
             “I'll be back at midnight or thereabout.”
           Der Baum ist bestimmt zwanzig Meter hoch. – Ja, die Ecke.
             “That tree must be twenty metres high.” – “Yes, thereabout.”
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