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"Yes please" in German is

Ja bitte


     n. a yes
     adv. yes; yea, yeah, aye
          Willst du das? Ja. - Do you want that? Yes.
          Aber ja! - Yes, of course!
     adv. (intensifier) obviously; certainly; of course; really; just; as you know; as is generally known (indicates and emphasises that one is expressing a known fact)
     n-f. request, plea
     adv. please, if you please (used to make a polite request or affirm an offer)
     interj. you're welcome (acknowledgement of thanks)
     interj. excuse me, sorry (request to repeat information)
     interj. here you are (when handing something over to someone)
          v. to ask, to beg, to plead, to request (help, understanding, etc.)
               Wir lieben euch–Entschuldigt–Wir bitten um Verzeihung–Vielen Dank - We love you. We are sorry. We plead for your pardon. Many thanks.