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"I'm sorry" in German is

Es tut mir leid


     n. (music) E-flat
     n. (psychoanalysis) id
     pron. Nominative and accusative neuter third-person singular personal pronoun
          Wo ist das Buch? Es liegt auf dem Tisch. - Where's the book? It’s on the table.
          Wo ist das Kind? Ich habe es. - Where is the child? I have it.
     v. third-person singular present of tun
          Es tut mir leid. - I am sorry.
     v. second-person plural present of tun
     v. plural imperative of tun
          v. To do (to perform or execute an action).
               Tu es! - Do it!
               Man tut, was man kann. - One does what one can.
               Er tat das, was man ihm gesagt hat. - He did as he was told.
               Das einzige, was er je tat, war arbeiten. - The only thing he ever did was work.
     pron. personal dative of ich: me, to me:
          Er gab es mir. - He gave it to me.
     pron. (dialectal, or colloquial) Alternative form of wir, t=we
     n. woe, grief, distress, sorrow, suffering, affliction
     n. wrong, harm, injury
     adj. (obsolete outside of fixed expressions) distressing, uncomfortable