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Er fasst mir an die Hand.


He touches my hand.


     pron. (personal) he.
     pron. (personal) it (when the grammatical gender of the object/article/thing/animal etc., being referred to, is masculine (der)).
     v. second-person singular present of fassen
     v. third-person singular present of fassen
     v. second-person plural present of fassen
     v. imperative plural of fassen
          v. to grasp
     pron. (personal) dative of ich: me, to me:
     pron. (regional, dialectal or colloquial) alternative form of wir we
     prep. (with a location in the dative case) on; upon; at; in; against
     prep. (with a time in the dative case) on; in
     prep. (with a dative case object) by; near; close to; next to
     prep. (with a dative case object) by means of; by
     prep. (with an accusative case object) on; onto
     prep. (with an accusative case object) at; against
     prep. (with an accusative case object) to; for
     adv. onward; on
     art. The; declined form of der
     pron. (in a subordinate clause as a relative pronoun) That; which; who; whom; whose.
     pron. (as a demonstrative pronoun) This one; that one; these ones; those ones; she; her; it; they; them
          art. the; definite article for several declensions:
          art.    Nominative singular masculine
          art.    Genitive singular feminine
          art.    Dative singular feminine
          art.    Genitive plural for all genders.
          pron. who; that; which
          pron. (attributive, stressed) that
          pron. (indicative) him, he
          pron. (differential) the one, him
     n-f. hand

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