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Das Geschäft war zu.


The shop was closed.


     art. the; nominative singular neuter of der
     art. the; accusative singular neuter of der
     pron. who, that, which (relative) (In a subordinate clause, indicates a person or thing referenced in the main clause. Used with neuter singular referents).
     pron. this, that (demonstrative)
     pron. (colloquial) it
          art. the; definite article for several declensions:
          art.    Nominative singular masculine
          art.    Genitive singular feminine
          art.    Dative singular feminine
          art.    Genitive plural for all genders.
          pron. who; that; which
          pron. (attributive, stressed) that
          pron. (indicative) him, he
          pron. (differential) the one, him
     n-n. shop; store
     n-n. business
     n-n. business activity
     n-n. transaction
     v. first-person singular past tense of sein
     v. third-person singular past tense of sein
          v. (with a predicate adjective or predicate nominative) to be
          v. (with a predicate adjective and an indirect object) to feel (to experience a certain condition)
          v. (auxiliary) forms the present perfect and past perfect tense of certain intransitive verbs
          v. (intransitive) to exist; there be; to be alive
          v. (intransitive, colloquial) to have the next turn (in a game, in a queue, etc.)
          v. (intransitive, child language) to be it; to be the tagger in a game of tag
          det. his
          det. its (when the owning object/article/thing/animal etc., is neuter (das) or masculine (m))
     prep. to, towards
     prep. along with; with
     prep. at, by, on
     prep. with respect to
     part. for; in order to; Used with infinitive of verbs.
     adv. to, towards
     adv. closed, shut
     adv. too; excessively
     adv. (informal, slang) hammered; very drunk

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