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Word Search Game

Play this Word Search game to review and learn the daily words. Using the provided meanings as clues, search for the appropriate word in the grid. Circle the word by clicking on the first and last letters of the word.

Word Clues
1 A rough disorderly fight or struggle at close quarters; A Dutch hoe, manipulated by both pushing and pulling
2 A quite young human being, typically two to three years old, but can refer to any child that has started walking, up to about four years old, or at the time they have mastered walking.; A traffic cone.
3 an upward turn or trend, especially in business activity or profit; to turn up or over
4 A small, quick bite taken with the front teeth.; Small snacks such as crisps/potato chips or nuts, often eaten to accompany drinks.
5 A female deer, also used of similar animals such as reindeer, antelope, goat.; A female fallow deer.
6 Consequently, therefore.; therefore .
7 A slow or difficult journey.; A journey by ox wagon, especially the Boer migration of 1835-7.
8 Easy, making few demands, comfortable.; Comfortable, often in a way that will suit a person's body.
9 To forgive, excuse or overlook .; To allow, accept or permit .

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