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     1. n. A small, quick bite taken with the front teeth.
     2. n. (in the nibbles) Small snacks such as crisps/potato chips or nuts, often eaten to accompany drinks.
     3. v. To eat with small, quick bites.
           The rabbit nibbled the lettuce.
           The rabbit nibbled at the lettuce.
     4. v. To bite lightly.
           He nibbled at my neck and made me shiver.
     5. v. (figurative) To consume gradually.
     6. v. To find fault; to cavil.
     7. n. (computing) A unit of memory equal to half a byte, or four bits.http://foldoc.org/nibble

Example Sentences

Well, we had a little nibble awhile ago, but that's all. 
I want to nibble her nape. 

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