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     1. v. (intransitive) To flap or wave quickly but irregularly.
           flags fluttering in the wind
     2. v. (intransitive, of a winged animal) To flap the wings without flying; to fly with a light flapping of the wings.
     3. v. To cause something to flap.
           A bird flutters its wings.
     4. v. To drive into disorder; to throw into confusion.
     5. v. (intransitive) To be in a state of agitation or uncertainty.
     6. n. The act of fluttering; quick and irregular motion.
           the flutter of a fan
     7. n. A state of agitation.
     8. n. An abnormal rapid pulsation of the heart.
     9. n. (British) A small bet or risky investment.
     10. n. (audio, electronics) The rapid variation of signal parameters, such as amplitude, phase, and frequency.

Example Sentences

Historically, premium bonds have always been regarded as a bit of a flutter
I have spotted them twice recently and they were enough to cause my pacemaker to give a little flutter

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