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dead end


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dead end
     1. n. A street or path that goes nowhere or is blocked on one end.
           That road comes to a dead end at the lake.
     2. n. A position that offers no hope of progress.
           Her father suggested that she decline the job because it was a dead end.
     3. n. A split end in the hair.
     1. adj. (not comparable) No longer living.
           All of my grandparents are dead.
     2. adj. (hyperbole) Figuratively, not alive; lacking life.
     3. adj. (of another person) So hated that they are absolutely ignored.
           He is dead to me.
     1. n. A key that when pressed causes the cursor to go to the last character of the current line.
     2. n. The terminal point of something in space or time.
           At the end of the road, turn left.
           At the end of the story, the main characters fall in love.
     3. n. (by extension) (euphemistic) The cessation of an effort, activity, state, or motion.

Example Sentences

Well, that's one more dead end
That is why much new development is built as cul-de-sacs, mews and other forms of dead end, which create traffic without contributing to a connected network that will help to accommodate it. 

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