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     1. n. The act or practice of abstaining, refraining from indulging a desire or appetite.
           Penance, fasts, and abstinence, / To punish bodies for the soul's offense. - John Dryden
           The abstinence from a present pleasure that offers itself is a pain, nay, oftentimes, a very great one. — John Locke
           Complete abstinence is easier than perfect moderation. — St Augustine
     2. n.          Specifically, the practice of abstaining from intoxicating/alcoholic beverages; total abstinence; teetotalism).
     3. n.          Specifically, the practice of abstaining from sexual intercourse, either permanently or until marriage.
     4. n.          (ecclesiastical) Abstention from certain foods on days of penitential observance.
     5. n. The practice of self-denial; self-restraint; forebearance from anything.
     6. n. (obsolete) Self-denial; abstaining; or forebearance of anything.
     7. n. (business) Delay of spending to accrue capital.

Example Sentences

So you're declaring abstinence is stupid. 

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