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anglais > français
     1. n. Foudre.
           That tree was hit by lightning.
     2. n. Éclair.
     3. n. (Figuré) Se dit de tout ce qui bouge très rapidement.
     4. adj. Furtivement.
     5. adj. Qui bouge à la vitesse de l'éclair.
     6. v. Produire des éclairs.
anglais > anglais
     1. n. A flash of light produced by short-duration, high-voltage discharge of electricity within a cloud, between clouds, or between a cloud and the earth.
           Although we did not see the lightning, we did hear the thunder.
     2. n. A discharge of this kind.
           The lightning was hot enough to melt the sand.
           That tree was hit by lightning.
     3. n. (figuratively) Anything that moves very fast.
     4. n. The act of making bright, or the state of being made bright; enlightenment; brightening, as of the mental powers.
     5. adj. Extremely fast or sudden.
     6. adj. Moving at the speed of lightning.
     7. v. (impersonal, childish, or nonstandard) To produce lightning.
français > anglais
     1. n. lightning
     2. n. flash
     3. n. sparkle
     4. n. (cooking) éclair (pastry)
           éclair au chocolat - chocolate éclair
     5. adj. (postpositive, idiomatic) Very fast


Exemples de phrases

If you won't tell me then you can stand outside and wait for one and risk being hit by lightning
Lightning flashes at the kitchen window. 
He tries to throw a lightning bolt. 
There's a flash of lightning and the lights flicker for a moment. 
I'd still be married to you if you hadn't gone and stuck that antenna out for any old lightning bolt to hit. 

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