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Conjugation of parler

Common conjugations for the French verb parler, and their English translations.

parlerto talk

Present Indicative
je parleI talk
tu parlesyou talk
il parlehe talks
elle parleshe talks
nous parlonswe talk
vous parlezyou (formal) talk
ils parlentthey talk
elles parlentthey talk

Imperfect Indicative
je parlaisI was talking
tu parlaisyou were talking
il parlaithe was talking
elle parlaitshe was talking
nous parlionswe were talking
vous parliezyou (formal) were talking
ils parlaientthey were talking
elles parlaientthey were talking

Passé Composé
j'ai parléI have talked
tu as parléyou have talked
il a parléhe has talked
elle a parléshe has talked
nous avons parléwe have talked
vous avez parléyou (formal) have talked
ils ont parléthey have talked
elles ont parléthey have talked

Future Indicative
je parleraiI will talk
tu parlerasyou will talk
il parlerahe will talk
elle parlerashe will talk
nous parleronswe will talk
vous parlerezyou (formal) will talk
ils parlerontthey will talk
elles parlerontthey will talk

je parleraisI would talk
tu parleraisyou would talk
il parleraithe would talk
elle parleraitshe would talk
nous parlerionswe would talk
vous parleriezyou (formal) would talk
ils parleraientthey would talk
elles parleraientthey would talk

Present Subjunctive
je parle(... that) I talk
tu parles(... that) you talk
il parle(... that) he talks
elle parle(... that) she talks
nous parlions(... that) we talk
vous parliez(... that) you (formal) talk
ils parlent(... that) they talk
elles parlent(... that) they talk

parle Talk!
parlonsLet's talk!
parlez Talk! (pl)

Present Participle
parlant talking

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