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Conjugation of avoir

Common conjugations for the French verb avoir, and their English translations.

avoirto have

Present Indicative
j'aiI have
tu asyou have
il ahe has
elle ashe has
nous avonswe have
vous avezyou (formal) have
ils ontthey have
elles ontthey have

Imperfect Indicative
j'avaisI was having
tu avaisyou were having
il avaithe was having
elle avaitshe was having
nous avionswe were having
vous aviezyou (formal) were having
ils avaientthey were having
elles avaientthey were having

Passé Composé
j'ai euI have had
tu as euyou have had
il a euhe has had
elle a eushe has had
nous avons euwe have had
vous avez euyou (formal) have had
ils ont euthey have had
elles ont euthey have had

Future Indicative
j'auraiI will have
tu aurasyou will have
il aurahe will have
elle aurashe will have
nous auronswe will have
vous aurezyou (formal) will have
ils aurontthey will have
elles aurontthey will have

j'auraisI would have
tu auraisyou would have
il auraithe would have
elle auraitshe would have
nous aurionswe would have
vous auriezyou (formal) would have
ils auraientthey would have
elles auraientthey would have

Present Subjunctive
j'aie(... that) I have
tu aies(... that) you have
il ait(... that) he has
elle ait(... that) she has
nous ayons(... that) we have
vous ayez(... that) you (formal) have
ils aient(... that) they have
elles aient(... that) they have

aie Have!
ayonsLet's have!
ayez Have! (pl)

Present Participle
ayant having

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