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     1. adj. Marked with a date.
           The first dated entry in the diary was from October 1922.
     2. adj. Outdated.
           "Omnibus" is a dated term for a bus.
     3. adj. Anachronistic; being obviously inappropriate for its present context.
     4. adj. No longer fashionable.
     5. v. simple past tense and past participle of date
     1. n. Language outside of conventional usage.
     2. n. Language that is unique to a particular profession or subject; jargon.
     3. n. The specialized language of a social group, sometimes used to make what is said unintelligible to those not members of the group; cant.
     4. v. (transitive, dated) To vocally abuse, or shout at.
     5. n. (dialect) Any long, narrow piece of land; a promontory.
     6. n. (obsolete) A fetter worn on the leg by a convict.
     7. n. (obsolete) A counterfeit weight or measure.
     8. n. (obsolete) A travelling show, or one of its performances.
     9. n. (obsolete) A hawker's license.
     10. n. (obsolete) A watchchain.
     11. v. (transitive, AAVE, MLE) To sell (especially illegal drugs).
     1. adj. Having a slightly low temperature; mildly or pleasantly cold.
     2. adj. Allowing or suggesting heat relief.
           a cool grey colour
     3. adj. Of a person, not showing emotion; calm and in control of oneself.
     4. adj. Unenthusiastic, lukewarm, skeptical.
           His proposals had a cool reception.
     5. adj. Calmly audacious.
           In control as always, he came up with a cool plan.
     6. adj. Applied facetiously to a sum of money, commonly as if to give emphasis to the largeness of the amount.
     7. adj. (informal) Of a person, knowing what to do and how to behave; considered popular by others.
     8. adj. (informal) In fashion, part of or fitting the in crowd; originally hipster slang.
     9. adj. (informal) Of an action, all right; acceptable; that does not present a problem.
           Is it cool if I sleep here tonight?
     10. adj. (informal) Of a person, not upset by circumstances that might ordinarily be upsetting.
           I'm completely cool with my girlfriend leaving me.
     11. n. A moderate or refreshing state of cold; moderate temperature of the air between hot and cold; coolness.
           in the cool of the morning
     12. n. A calm temperament.
     13. n. The property of being cool, popular or in fashion.
     14. v. (intransitive, literally) To lose heat, to get colder.
           I like to let my tea cool before drinking it so I don't burn my tongue.
     15. v. To make cooler, less warm.
     16. v. (figuratively, intransitive) To become less intense, e.g. less amicable or passionate.
           Relations cooled between the USA and the USSR after 1980.
     17. v. To make less intense, e.g. less amicable or passionate.
     18. v. To kill.
     1. adj. Clean, tidy; free from dirt or impurities.
           My room is neat because I tidied it this morning.  She has very neat hair.
     2. adj. Free from contaminants; unadulterated, undiluted. Particularly of liquor and cocktails; see usage below.
           I like my whisky neat.
     3. adj. (chemistry) Conditions with a liquid reagent or gas performed with no standard solvent or cosolvent.
           The Arbuzov reaction is performed by adding the bromide to the phosphite, neat.  The molecular beam was neat acetylene.
     4. adj. Having a simple elegance or style; clean, trim, tidy, tasteful.
           The front room was neat and carefully arranged for the guests.
     5. adj. Well-executed or delivered; clever, skillful, precise.
           Having the two protagonists meet in the last act was a particularly neat touch.
     6. adj. (North American, colloquial) Good, excellent, desirable.
           Hey, neat convertible, man.
     7. n. (informal) An artificial intelligence researcher who believes that solutions should be elegant, clear and provably correct. Compare scruffy.
beside each of the guests' plates was a neat paper parcel
     1. adj. Arousing or holding the attention or interest of someone.
     2. adj. (euphemistic) strange or unusual, in a negative sense.
           The stew had an interesting flavor.
     3. v. present participle of interest
          1. n. (finance) The price paid for obtaining, or price received for providing, money or goods in a credit transaction, calculated as a fraction of the amount or value of what was borrowed.
                Our bank offers borrowers an annual interest of 5%.
          2. n. A great attention and concern from someone or something; intellectual curiosity.
                He has a lot of interest in vintage cars.
          3. n. Attention that is given to or received from someone or something.
          4. n. , passage=Across Japan, technology companies and private investors are racing to install devices that until recently they had little interest in: solar panels. Massive solar parks are popping up as pa
          5. n. An involvement, claim, right, share, stake in or link with a financial, business, or other undertaking or endeavor.
                When scientists and doctors write articles and when politicians run for office, they are required in many countries to declare any existing conflicts of interest.
                I have business interests in South Africa.
          6. n. Something or someone one is interested in.
                Lexicography is one of my interests.
                Victorian furniture is an interest of mine.
                The main character's romantic interest will be played by a non-professional actor.
          7. n. (obsolete, rare) Injury, or compensation for injury; damages.
          8. n. (usually plural) The persons interested in any particular business or measure, taken collectively.
                the iron interest;  the cotton interest
          9. v. To engage the attention of; to awaken interest in; to excite emotion or passion in, in behalf of a person or thing.
                It might interest you to learn that others have already tried that approach.
                Action films don't really interest me.
          10. v. (obsolete, often impersonal) To be concerned with or engaged in; to affect; to concern; to excite.
          11. v. (obsolete) To cause or permit to share.
     1. adj. Characteristic of or influenced by a current popular trend or style.
           a fashionable dress; a fashionable man
     2. adj. Established or favoured by custom or use; current; prevailing at a particular time.
           the fashionable philosophy; fashionable opinions
           fashionable society
     3. n. A fashionable person; a fop
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