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     1. adj. Causing more sober thought or concern.
           It was a sobering thought that I had almost killed myself. That was something I wouldn't soon do on purpose again.
     1. adj. not drunk; not intoxicated
     2. adj. not given to excessive drinking of alcohol
     3. adj. moderate; realistic; serious; not playful; not passionate; cool; self-controlled
     4. adj. dull; not bright or colorful
     5. adj. subdued; solemn; grave
     6. v. (often with up) To make or become sober.
     7. v. (often with up) To overcome or lose a state of intoxication.
           It took him hours to sober up.

Example Sentences

So he gets some people to help him and before I know it, I'm staying at his place sobering up and getting cleaned. 

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