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     1. v. To stop, deflect or divert (something in progress or motion).
           The police intercepted the package of stolen goods while it was in transit.
     2. v. (transitive, sports) To gain possession of (the ball) in a ball game
     3. v.          (transitive, American football) Of a defensive player: to steal a pass thrown by the opposing team, gaining possession of the ball.
     4. v. (transitive, math) To take or comprehend between.
     5. n. An interception of a radio broadcast or a telephone call.
     6. n. An interception of a missile.
     7. n. (algebraic geometry) The coordinate of the point at which a curve intersects an axis.
     8. n. (marketing) A form of market research where consumers are intercepted and interviewed in a retail store or mall.

Example Sentences

I don't intercept minds. 

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