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     1. adj. Of a vehicle, aircraft, vessel, computer, etc.: whose control has been seized by force
     1. v. To forcibly stop and seize control of some vehicle in order to rob it or to reach a destination (especially an airplane, truck or a boat).
     2. v. To seize control of some process or resource to achieve a purpose other than its originally intended one.
     3. v. (computing) To seize control of a networked computer by means of infecting it with a worm or other malware, thereby turning it into a zombie.
     4. v. (computing) To change software settings without a user's knowledge so as to force that user to visit a certain web site (to hijack a browser).
     5. v. (politics) To introduce an amendment deleting the contents of a bill and inserting entirely new provisions.
     6. n. An instance of hijacking; the illegal seizure of a vehicle; a hijacking.
     7. n. An instance of a seizure and redirection of a process.
     8. n. (politics) An amendment which deletes the contents of a bill and inserts entirely new provisions.
     9. n. (poker slang) Preflop, the position two before the dealer.

Example Sentences

The nine had claimed they were acting under duress when they hijacked the plane. 
Instead, it has negligently allowed the discussion to be hijacked by the often racist elements which inevitably hover around the nationalist fringe. 

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