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     1. n. plural of fatigue
     2. n. (military) Menial duties, especially as punishment.
     3. n. (US) Military clothing worn when doing menial tasks.
     1. n. A weariness caused by exertion; exhaustion.
     2. n. (often in the plural) A menial task or tasks, especially in the military.
     3. n. (engineering) Material failure, such as cracking or separation, caused by stress on the material.
     4. v. to tire or make weary by physical or mental exertion
     5. v. (transitive, culinary) to wilt a salad by dressing or tossing it
     6. v. (intransitive) to lose so much strength or energy that one becomes tired, weary, feeble or exhausted
     7. v. (intransitive, engineering, of a material specimen) to undergo the process of fatigue; to fail as a result of fatigue.

Example Sentences

Several soldiers in green fatigues had just turned up. 

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