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     1. adj. representing a mixture of something.
     1. n. A mixture of two or more things.
           Their music has been described as a blend of jazz and heavy metal.
           Our department has a good blend of experienced workers and young promise.
     2. n. (linguistics) A word formed by combining two other words; a grammatical contamination, portmanteau word.
           The word brunch is a blend of the words breakfast and lunch.
     3. v. To mingle; to mix; to unite intimately; to pass or shade insensibly into each other.
           To make hummus you need to blend chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic.
     4. v. (intransitive) To be mingled or mixed.
     5. v. (obsolete) To pollute by mixture or association; to spoil or corrupt; to blot; to stain.

Example Sentences

What is a child, monsieur, but the image of two beings, the fruit of two sentiments spontaneously blended? 

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