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Google Translation:
elektrisch betriebenes Küchengerät, um Brot zu rösten

     1. adj. electric
     1. adj. inflected form of betrieben
          1. v. past participle of betreiben
          2. adj. operated
     1. prep. (with accusative) about, used with es geht
           Es geht um den Kuchen. - It's about the pie.
     3. prep. (with accusative) around
           Um die Ecke - around the corner
     5. prep. (with accusative) At when relating to time (because the hands of a clock go around, the clock)
           Um acht Uhr reisen wir ab - At eight o’clock we depart
     7. conj. in order to, so as to
           Wir sind gekommen, um zu helfen. - We have come (in order) to help.
     9. adj. (predicative, not attributive) up, in the sense of finished
           Werden dich in kurzem binden/ Erdgeist, deine Zeit ist um (Friedrich von Hardenberg, Novalis)
             We will shortly bind you/ Erdgeist, your time is up
     12. adv. around, about
     13. adv. turned over, changed, from one state to another
     1. n-n. (usually un) bread
     2. n-n. loaf of bread
     3. n-n. slice of bread; sandwich
     4. n-n. (un, figurative) livelihood, subsistance
     1. prep. to, towards
           zum Bahnhof - to the train station.
     3. prep. along with; with
           Wasser zum Essen trinken - to drink water with one's meal
     5. prep. at, by, on
           zu Hause - at home.
     7. prep. with respect to
           zu Punkt 1 bemerke ich - with respect to item 1 let me remark.
     9. part. for; in order to; Used with infinitive of verbs.
           etwas zu essen - something to eat.
     11. adv. to, towards
     12. adv. closed, shut
           Das Geschäft war zu. - The shop was closed.
     14. adv. too; excessively
           zu schnell - too fast.
     16. adv. (informal, slang) hammered; very drunk
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