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Google Translation:
Tuyau laissant échapper les gaz brûlés par un véhicule motorisé en amortissant le bruit.

     1. n. pipe
     2. n. tube
     3. n. insider tip
     1. v. present participle of laisser, leaving
          1. vt. to leave, to leave behind
          2. vt. to forget, to leave alone
          3. vt. to leave with, to give
          4. vt. to let, to allow
          5. vr. to allow oneself, to let oneself
     1. vi. To escape (from), to evade
     2. vr. To escape, to break out (e.g., from prison)
     3. vr. To go away, to run away
     1. art. plural of le: the
     2. art. plural of la: the
     3. pron. plural of le: them
     4. pron. plural of la: them
     1. n. gas
     2. n. (physics) gas
     3. n. flatulence
     1. v. masculine plural past participle of brûler
          1. v. to burn
          2. vr. to burn oneself
     1. prep. through
     2. prep. by (used to introduce a means)
     3. prep. over (used to express direction)
     4. prep. from (used to describe the origin of something, especially a view or movement)
     5. prep. around, round (inside of)
     6. prep. on (situated on, used in certain phrase)
     7. prep. on, at, in (used to denote a time something occurs)
     8. prep. in
     9. prep. per, a, an
     10. prep. out of (used to describe the reason for something)
     11. prep. for
     12. prep. by (used to introduce the agent in a passive construction)
     13. n. (golf) par
     1. art. an, a
     2. num. one
     3. n. one
     4. pron. one
     1. n. vehicle
     2. v. first-person singular present indicative of véhiculer
     3. v. third-person singular present indicative of véhiculer
     4. v. first-person singular present subjunctive of véhiculer
     5. v. third-person singular present subjunctive of véhiculer
     6. v. second-person singular imperative of véhiculer
          1. v. to transport in a vehicle, to carry
          2. v. (figurative) to promote, to convey (a message), to carry
     1. v. past participle of motoriser
     2. adj. motorized
     1. pron. Used as the object of a verb to indicate an indefinite quantity, of it, of them.
     2. pron. Adverbial preposition indicating movement away from a place already mentioned. En replaces the partitive article (du, de la, etc.)
     3. prep. in (used to indicate space)
     4. prep. by (used to indicate means)
     5. prep. as
     6. prep. at (used to describe an ability)
     7. prep. of, made of (used to describe composition)
     8. prep. in (during the following time (used for months and years))
     9. prep. (as a gerund, followed by a present participle) while
     10. prep. (as a gerund, followed by a present participle) by, in (describing a way of getting something)
     11. prep. in (used to describe color)
     12. prep. in (used to describe feelings)
     1. v. present participle of amortir
          1. v. to cushion, absorb, soften (shock, blow etc.)
          2. v. to deaden, muffle (noise)
          3. v. (finance) to pay off, amortize, to redeem (a title)
          4. v. (architecture) to put an amortizement on
     1. art. The (definite article).
     2. art. Used before abstract nouns, not translated in English.
     3. art. (before parts of the body) The, my, your, etc.
     4. art. (before units) A, an.
     5. pron. (direct object) Him, it.
     6. pron. (used to refer to something previously mentioned or implied, not translated in English).
     1. n. a noise
     2. n. a rumor or report
          1. v. to make a noise
          2. v. to rustle
          3. v. to rattle
          4. v. to roar.
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