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clear out


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clear out
     1. v. (idiomatic, transitive) to completely empty
           We had to clear out the attic so the guest could sleep there.
           clear out your inbox to make more space.
     2. v. (idiomatic, transitive) to remove or eject (from), especially forcibly
           The police cleared the crowd out of the street to investigate the accident.
           We need to get the trees cleared out the way before anything can drive down this path.
     3. v. (idiomatic, intransitive) to leave quickly
           They cleared out as soon as the cops arrived.
     4. v. (idiomatic, intransitive) to become empty
           The town is packed in the summer, but clears out in the winter.
     1. n. (Scientology) An idea state of beingness free of unwanted influences.
     2. adj. Transparent in colour.
           as clear as crystal
     3. adj. Bright, not dark or obscured.
           The windshield was clear and clean.
           See also individual phrasal verbs such as come out, go out, put out, take out, pull out, and so on.
     1. adv. Away from the inside or the centre.
           The magician pulled the rabbit out of the hat.
     2. adv. Away from home or one's usual place.
           Let's eat out tonight

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Example Sentences

Clear out now, or I'll let you have it! 

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