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red tape


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red tape
     1. n. The binding tape once used for holding important documents together.
     2. n. (metonym, idiomatic) Time-consuming regulations or bureaucratic procedures.
           All the red tape and paperwork that goes on there prevents any progress.
     1. n. A Communist
     2. n. A supporter of a sports team who wears red as part of their kit.
     3. adj. Communist
           the Red Army
     4. adj. Having red as its color.
     1. v. To bind with adhesive tape.
           Can you tape that together, please?
     2. v. To record, particularly onto magnetic tape.
           You shouldn’t have said that. The microphone was on and we were taping.
     3. v. (informal, passive) To understand, figure out.

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Example Sentences

It's just more laws and red tape

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