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The Portuguese word for home is



The gender of casa is feminine. E.g. a casa.


The plural of casa is casas.

Portuguese Definition

     1. Adjetivo. interno
     2. Substantivo. lar, casa

Translations for home and their definitions

     1. n. home

     1. n. house (structure serving as an abode of human beings)
             Ele agora tem uma casa nas montanhas, foi Dumbledore que arranjou, uma bela caverna.
              He now has a house in the mountains, Dumbledore is who provided it, a beautiful cave.
     2. n. home (one’s own dwelling place)
     3. n. (in compounds) shop (establishment that sells goods or service)
           Casa de carnes. - Butcher’s shop (literally: House of meats).
     4. n. (board games) a cell which may be occupied by a piece (such as a square in a chessboard)
     5. n. a digit position
           No número 12345, o algarismo 3 ocupa a casa das centenas. - In the number 12345, the digit 3 is in the hundreds’ position.
     6. n. house (noble family)
     7. v. third-person singular present indicative of casar
     8. v. second-person singular affirmative imperative of casar

     1. n. ground, land, soil
     2. n. earth
     3. n. homeland (formally terra natal, but sometimes shortened as terra)
           Lá na minha terra tem muitas capivaras.
           There's a lot of capybaras in my homeland.

     1. habitat

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