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Bob dirige muito bem.


Bob drives very well.


     1. Proper noun. (cryptography) Bob (person or system receiving a message)
     2. Proper noun. given name, male, from=English
     3. n-m. curler (small cylindrical tube)
     4. n-m. hair roller, hair curler
     1. v. verb form of dirigir
          1. v. to drive (a vehicle)
          2. v. to drive any vehicle
          3. v. to command, to rule, to control (something)
          4. v. to direct a film
          5. v. to head (move in a specified direction)
     1. det. much; many; a lot of; lots of
     2. det. too much; too many (an excessive amount of)
     3. pron. form of
     4. pron. much; many; a lot; lots
     5. pron. too much; too many
     6. adv. very; a lot; very much (to a great extent or degree)
     1. adv. well; accurately; competently
     2. adv. well; fairly; rather (to a significant degree)
     3. adv. (familiar) very; really (to a high degree)
     4. adv. well; all right; fine; OK (healthy; not wounded or sick)
     5. adv. well; all right; fine; OK (feeling good)
     6. adv. fairly; justly (in a fair manner)
     7. adv. (Brazil) exactly; right on
     8. interj. used to express approval
     9. interj. well (used to introduce a new sentence, idea or line of thought)
     10. n-m. (chiefly narratology) good (the ensemble of forces that conspire for good, as opposed to evil)
     11. n-m. good; property (item that is owned by a person)
     12. n-m. (usually with a possessive pronoun) darling; dear (term of address for a loved one)

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