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Seu filho é uma águia, Sra. Cohen!


You son is a born leader, Mrs. Cohen!


     1. pron. third-person possessive pronoun his; her; its
     2. pron. third-personplural possessive pronoun their; theirs
     3. pron. second-person possessive pronoun your; yours (when using the second-person pronoun você)
     4. pron. second-personplural possessive pronoun your; yours (when using the second-person pronoun vocês)
     5. pron. you (used before epithets for emphasis)
     6. n-m. (familiar) mister (as a form of address)
     1. n-m. son (male offspring)
     2. n-m. child (offspring of any sex)
     3. n-m. (informal) son (term of address for a younger male)
     4. n-m. (somewhat, poetic) son; child (any descendant)
     5. n-m. child (any person or thing heavily influenced by something else)
     6. n-m. (graph theory) child (a node, of a tree, that has a parent node)
     1. v. verb form of ser
     2. interj. that’s right; yes; yeah; indicates agreement
     3. interj. erm; um; used in hesitant speech
          1. v. (copulative) to be (to have the given quality), especially a quality that is intrinsic or not expected to change, contrasting with estar which denotes a temporary quality
          2. v. to be (to be an example or type of, or the same as)
          3. v. (auxiliary) to be (forms the passive voice)
          4. v. (impersonal) to be (indicates a point in time)
          5. v. (indtr, em, -another locational preposition) to be in (to be located in)
          6. v. (indtr, de) to be from (to have as one’s place of origin)
          7. v. (indtr, de) to be (someone’s); to belong to
          8. v. (indtr, para, aux=personal infinitive, .transitive, .or) to be for; to be to (to have as its purpose)
          9. v. (indtr, para, .impersonal, aux=personal infinitive) to be supposed to; should (introduces an expected or demanded action)
          10. v. to be; to cost (to be worth a given amount of money)
          11. v. to happen; to take place; to occur
          12. v. (indtr, por, a favor de, contra) to be against or in favour of
          13. v. (poetic, intransitive) to exist; to be
          14. v. (impersonal, transitive) used for emphasis
          15. n-m. being (a living creature)
     1. num. feminine of um
     2. art. feminine singular of um
     3. pron. feminine of um
          1. num. one
          2. art. (indefinite) a, an
          3. art.          (in the plural) some; a few (a small number of)
          4. art.          (with unnouns) a bit of
          5. art.          (usually in the feminine, pronounced slowly, emphatically and with a high intonation) (indicates that what follows is exceptional); quite a; quite the
          6. n-m. the figure or digit "1": one
          7. pron. form of
          8. pron. a person; one; someone
          9. pron. element(s) of a previously mentioned class: one; some (in plural)
     1. n-f. eagle (any of several large carnivorous birds in the family Accipitridae)
     2. n-f. eagle (representation of such an eagle (bird) carried as an emblem)
     3. n-f. (heraldry) eagle (representation of such a bird on a coat of arms)
     4. n-f. (figurative) a born leader
     1. n-f. abbreviation of senhora as a title; Mrs

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