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The gender of Lied is neuter. E.g. das Lied.


The plural of Lied is Lieder.

German Definition

     [1] das Lied, das Gesangstück/Gesangsstück, der Gesang, der Sang
     [2] musikalischer Ton eines Tieres, dessen Stimme die Menschen melodiös finden, das Zirpen, der Vogelgesang, Walgesang
     [3] etwas, das nur ein bisschen kostet
     [4] umgangssprachlich: das Musikstück
          [1] He wrote a beautiful song about her.
            Er schrieb ein schönes Lied über sie.
          [1] Thomas listened to his favorite song on the radio yesterday.
            Thomas hörte sein Lieblingslied gestern im Radio.
          [2] I love listening to the song of canary birds.
            Ich höre die Musik von Kanarienvögel gern.
          [2] „Yes, whales sing! During mating season, male humpbacks sing to either attract females or to defend their territory from other male whales, much like birds do with their own songs.   The whale's song is haunting and complex.“
          [3] He bought that car for a song.
            Er kaufte das Auto für ein Butterbrot.
          [4] „Piano Creeps is a gem of a record. Simple yet beautiful, these 12, mainly instrumental songs glisten and shimmer with mysterious charm.“
          [4] „Although local amateur bands sometimes emphasized instruments over vocals, purely instrumental songs were fairly rare on the pop chart. Vocals would continue to dominate rock and roll songs[.]“

Translations for song and their definitions

     n-n. song (a musical composition with lyrics for voice or voices, performed by singing)

     n-m. (the result of) singing, vocals

     n-m. (esp. pop music, colloquial) song




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