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20 то
     1. pron. that (neuter singular of тот).to
           то же — the same
           к тому́ (же) — in addition, moreover
           ни то ни сё — neither fish nor fowl
           ни с того́ ни с сего́ — all of a sudden; without any visible reason
21 за
     1. prep. (of location, + instrumental case) behind; beyond; on the other side ofza
           за реко́й со́лнышко сади́тся — across the river the sun is setting
     2. prep. (of motion, + accusative case) to
     3. prep. (+ accusative case) for; to; by; after; over; during
           он игра́ет за кома́нду А — he's playing for team A
22 свой
     1. pron. one's, my, his, her, its, our, your, their (always refers to the subject of the sentence)svoj
           Я курю́ свою́ сига́ру — I’m smoking my cigar.
           Мы ку́рим свои́ сига́ры — We’re smoking our cigars.
           Он ку́рит свою́ сига́ру — He’s smoking his cigar (his own).
           Он ку́рит его́ сига́ру — He’s smoking his (the other guy’s) cigar.
24 весь
     1. det. all, the whole, the whole ofvesʹ
           весь день - all day; all day long
           весь гря́зный - dirty all over, all dirty
           весь в снегу́ - covered with snow
           всего́ (vsevó) - in all; altogether; sum total
25 год
     1. n. yeargod
26 от
     1. prep. fromot
     2. prep. since
27 так
     1. adv. so, thustak
     2. adv. like that
     3. adv. so much
     4. adv. just so
     5. adv. then
28 о
     1. interj. oho
           inline=y, О бо́же!, Oh my God!
     2. prep. (+ prepositional case): about, of, on
     3. prep. (+ accusative case): against, upon
     4. prep. (catlangcode, ru, Letter names, Cyrillic letter names, Latin letter names)
29 для
     1. prep. fordlja
           для дете́й - for the children
     2. v. (inflection of длить, , pres, adverbial, part)
30 ты
     1. pron. second-person singular, nominative case: you, thouty
31 же
     1. conj. (contrasting) and, butže
     2. conj. whereas, as for, as to
     3. part. (emphasises identity) very, same
     4. part. (with expressions of time and order: emphasises promptitude) very, right, immediately, without delay
     5. part. (also ж (ž), makes an objection by pointing to an obvious fact) after all, but
32 все
     1. pron. (nominative plural of весь) all, everybodyvse
     2. pron. (accusative plural of весь)
     3. pron. alternative spelling of всё sc=Cyrl
33 тот
     1. pron. that, thosetot
     2. pron. the one
     3. pron. the other
34 мочь
     1. v. to be ablemočʹ
     2. v. may
           может быть
           : móžet byt’
           : maybe
35 вы
     1. pron. second-person singular formal, as well as second-person plural, nominative case: youvy
36 человек
     1. n. person, human being, mančelovek
     2. n. (collective, no plural) human race
     3. n. also plural when used with cardinal words:
           один челове́к — one man
           два челове́ка — two men
37 такой
     1. pron. (adjectival pronoun) such, suchliketakoj
38 его
     1. pron. his, its - genitive of он and оно́; his, itsjego
           Где его́ кни́га? (Gde jevó kníga) — Where is his book?
           Я уже́ ви́дел его́ кни́гу (Ja užé vídel jevó knígu) — I already saw his book.
     2. pron. (personal pronoun) the accusative of он and оно́; him, it
           Она́ его́ ви́дит (Oná jevó vídit) — She sees him.
39 сказать
     1. v. to say, to tellskazatʹ
40 только
     1. adv. only, buttolʹko
           как то́лько (interés k) - as soon as
           лишь то́лько (interés k) - no sooner ... than
           едва́ то́лько (interés k) - no sooner ... than
           то́лько бы (interés k) - if only
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