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     1. li (a unit of distance equal to half a kilometre in modern Mainland China)
           公里 - kilometre
     2. neighbourhood (formal or informal grouping of adjacent dwellings; the size vary according to different historical sources)
           鄰里 - neighbours
     3. urban village (an administrative unit in the Republic of China)
     4. village (an administrative unit in South Korea and North Korea)
     5. lane (a type of road in Hong Kong)
     1. man; person; peoplerén
           人類 (rénlèi) - humans
            ? (Nà rén shì shéi?) - Who is that person?
           嗰個 jan4-2 邊個 ? - Who is that person?
           有人 敲門 。 (Yǒurén qiāomén le.) - Someone knocked on the door.
     2. a person associated with a particular identity or trait; -er
           主持人 (zhǔchírén) - host
     1. Variant of 會
     1. Simplified form of 沒
     1. Variant of 姐
     2. she, her (from 1910s)
            。 - She went away.
            認識shi 。 - I know her.
     3. =====Usage notes=====
     1. Simplified form of 嗎
     1. Variant of 為
     1. Simplified form of 說
     1. to leave; to depart from
           去世 - to pass away
     2. to go to; to leave for
            哪兒r? - Where are you going?
     3. (before or after a verb) to go in order to do something
            辦公室 請假。 - He went to the office to ask for leave.
     1. also; too; as well; (in negative sentences) neither; either
            。 - I also went.
            中國人。 - I am Chinese too.
            如果 。 - If you don't go, I won't either.
            沒有 看見 。 - I haven't seen it either.
     2. (Used for emphasis.)
            不像話 。 - This is way too outrageous.
     1. Emphatic final particle; used at the end of a sentence toba
     2.    indicate a suggested action: why don't you ...
     3.   你 有 時間 再 做 吧。 - Do it when you have time.
     4.    express imperative mood: let us ...
     5.   大家 去 工作 吧。 - Get to work, everybody.
     6.   走 吧! - Let's go!
     7.    indicate a speculation.
     1. good; wellhǎo
            ? - How are you?
            maa3? - How are you?
            主意! - That's a good idea!
     2. Used as an interjection.
     3.    good; very well; nice
     1. Variant of 對
     1. how; whyzěn
     2. what
     1. Variant of 還
     2. Variant of 不
     3. Variant of 否
     4. Variant of 塢
     5. Variant of 浮
     1. metropolis; large city
            - metropolis; major city
     2. capital; capital city
            - capital
     3. (literary) to make a place the capital city; to establish a capital
     4. (obsolete) graceful; elegant
     5. . Du
     1. to get; to obtain; to gain, to acquire
            亞軍。 - I got second place.
            名聲。 - He gained a bad reputation.
     2. to contract (disease); to become ill with
            肺癌 liǎo 多久。 - He got lung cancer and won't live for long.
     3. to result in; to produce
            - three times three is nine
37 知道
     1. v. to know (something); to be aware ofzhīdao, zhīdào
            知道。 - I don't know.
            知道。 - I don't know.
            知道 哪兒r。 - I know where he lives.
           我們 知道。 - We don't know.
            @ 知道 名字zi? - Do you know his name?
           我們 知道 刀子zi..豆腐fu.。 - We all know that even though you talk tough, you're a softy underneath it all.
     1. to think (to conceive of something or someone)xiǎng
            ! - You've overthought this!; You've read too much into this!
            衰老 。 - I think she's going senile.
     2. to think about; to plan; to be considering
            暑假jià 打工。 - I'm planning to get a job for the summer.
     3. to think; to suppose; to guess; to reckon
            合適 尺碼。 - I think I can find the right size for you.
     1. only; just; simply; merelyzhǐ
            。 - I've only been there once.
            一點兒r 胡椒粉。 - There was just a hint of pepper in the soup.
            曉得 事體 會得 。 - tr=4iq nyiq tau hhia&4tseq+2xiau teq&4qiq&4qiq&4qiq&2sr thi meq&4iq nge&3hha&5veq ue teq&2tsu, The only thing you do all day is eat, and yet you do nothin
     2. (literary or Min) thiszhǐ
     3. Simplified form of 隻Zhǐ
     4. Variant of 咫
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