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Esse local tem uma alta ocorrência de malária.


This location has a high incidence of malaria.


     1. pron. that (near the second person (you))
     2. n. something shaped like the letter S
     1. adj. local
     2. n. premises, rooms
     3. n. site
     4. n. place, location
     1. v. third-person singular present indicative of ter
     2. v. second-person singular affirmative imperative of ter
          1. v. to have
          2. v.    to own; to possess; to have got
          3. v. (intransitive) to be rich, to have plenty of money; or, to have enough money to live comfortably
          4. v.    to have as a component or to consist of
          5. v.    to have (to be related in some way to, with the object identifying the relationship)
          6. v.    to be in possession of; to have as part of one’s personal effects; to have in hand
          7. v.    to consist of a certain amount of unit of measurement, units of measurement
          8. v.    to have a certain characteristic
          9. v.    to be afflicted with a certain disease or other medical condition
          10. v. (of an event) indicates that the object plans on going to the event
          11. v. (intransitive) to receive one’s wage
          12. v. (followed by de) or que and the infinitive must; to have to
          13. v. (auxiliary verb) to have
          14. v. (present indicative forms followed by the past participle) forms the imperfect present tense
          15. v. (conditional forms followed by the past participle) forms the conditional perfect tense
          16. v. there be (to exist, physically or abstractly)
          17. v. to give birth to
          18. v. (the object is followed by the conjunctions por) or como to consider (assign some quality to)
     1. art. feminine singular of article um
          1. num. one.
          2. art. (indefinite) a, an; some (in plural).
          3. n. The figure or digit 1: one.
          4. pron. A person: one, someone; some people: some (in plural).
          5. pron. Element(s) of a previously mentioned class: one; some (in plural).
     1. adj. high, tall; loud; feminine of alto
     2. n. rise
     1. n. occurrence (actual instance where a situation arises)
     2. n. the intensity or quantity of something which occurs in a specific location or point in time; incidence
     1. prep. of
     2. prep. 's, possession suffix
     3. prep. from
     4. prep. by the means of, by
     5. prep. as, dressed as.
     6. prep. -long, indicating time duration
     7. prep. A compound word connector, often not translated into English
     1. n. malaria (disease)

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