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to walk


Swedish > English
     1. v. go, walk, stroll
           (ux, sv, Gå hem!, Go home!)
     2. v. go, leave
     3. v. go; to be given or allotted
     4. v. go; to extend between two points
     5. v. go; lead to
     6. v. go; elapse
     7. v. go; to start
           (ux, sv, Klara, färdiga, gå!, Get ready, get set, go!)
     8. v. (with till) go; resort to
           (ux, sv, Måste ni gå till rätten med tvisten?, Do you have to go to court with the dispute?)
     9. v. go; change from one value to another
           (ux, sv, Priserna har gått upp igen., The prices have gone up again.)
     10. v. (with till) go; to be spent
           (ux, sv, Pengarna gick alla till öl., All the money went on beer.)
     11. v. go; to be sold
     12. v. go; to fit or be compatible
           (ux, sv, De där färgerna går inte ihop., Those colors don't go together.)
     13. v. go; to be expressed or composed in a certain way
           (ux, sv, Jag vet inte riktigt hur sången går sedan., I don't really know how the song goes after this.)
     14. v. go; attend
           (ux, sv, gå i skolan, go to school)
           (ux, sv, gå på dans, go to a dance)
     15. v. go; to be in a state continuously
           (ux, sv, Ingen ska behöva gå hungrig., Nobody should have to go hungry.)
     16. v. go; circulate (about rumors, stories and contagious diseases)
     17. v. go; to stop functioning (about a mechanical or electric system)
     18. v. to cease flowing (about a flow of water or electricity)
     19. v. go; to proceed; work out, behave as anticipated (about a solution of a problem)
           (ux, sv, Det går inte (att) göra så här, It's not possible to do like this)
           (ux, sv, Det där går inte!, That won't work!)
     20. v. (about a mechanism or machine) go; work, run
           (ux, sv, Min klocka går inte, My clock doesn't work)
     21. v. (about a card in a cardgame) go; be played
           (ux, sv, Där gick ruterässet, så nu är min kung högst i den färgen., There the ace of diamonds went, so now my king is the highest in that suit.)
     22. v. (colloquial) be allowed (as being deemed practically possible)
           (ux, sv, Går det att jag tar med mig några kompisar hem efter skolan idag?, May I bring home a couple of friends after school today?)
     23. v. (with med) be doing
           (ux, sv, Hur går det med dina läxor? Är du klar med dem än?, How's your homework doing? Are you yet finished with it?)

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