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to point

Russian Definition

     1. место, точка
      Point of sale.
      Points of interest.
      While the driver unloaded the bodies, the boy and Karl Oberg left the van and walked over to the deepest point in the swamp.
     2. момент
      Perhaps the clatter of it falling against the walls woke me, for I'd been asleep up to that point.
      I was at this point completely unconscious of my actions; I could do only what I felt I must, and never once stopped to consider the reasons why.
     3. (матем.) десятичная точка
      Floating point.
      Three divided by two equals one point five.
     4. (геометр.) точка
      Connect points A and B with a straight line.
     5. аргумент, точка зрения
      Grooves in her forehead showed the way she arched her thin brows for emphasis, making her point in the classroom or in bed, I'd seen the same gesture both places.
      I don't agree with you, but I see your point.
      You make a good point.
     6. балл, очко
      Five points are awarded to the team for a goal scored.
     7. отличительная черта, особенность
     8. стать, экстерьер (животного)
     9. смысл
      There was no point in lying; records were too good, and too easily checked, to make it worthwhile denying Caller.
     10. суть, сущность
     11. цель, намерение
      However, she always made a point of coming near me and making small talk whenever Richard or one of his friends was present.
     12. тонкий конец, кончик; остроконечная верхушка, остриё
      A little cup in the flesh formed around the point as the needle pressed more.
      He dragged his agenda toward him across the desk and ran his pencil point down, item by item.
     13. ставить знаки препинания; делать паузы; акцентировать, подчёркивать
     14. заострять; точить, чинить (карандаш)
     15. показывать пальцем, указывать; обращать внимание (чьё-либо); отмечать, подчёркивать
     16. направлять (мысли на что-либо)

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