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The Latin word for to look is

to look

Translations for to look and their definitions

     1. v. I watch, observe, look at
     2. v. I test
     3. v. I consider
     4. v. I aim, strive, or endeavour after

     1. v. I see, perceive; look (at)
           Videsne eum venire? - Do you see him coming?
     2. v. I observe, note
     3. v. I understand, perceive, comprehend
     4. v. I look (at), consider, reflect (upon)
     5. v. I look out for, see to, care for, provide, make sure
     6. v. (passive) I am regarded, seem, appear
     7. v. (passive, used impersonally) It seems proper or right

     1. v. I look or gaze at, behold, watch, view.
           tueri transversa - to look sideways, to squint
     2. v. I care for, guard, defend, protect, support, compensate or make up for.
           te amo, tua tueor - I love you and care for you
     3. v. I uphold, keep up, maintain, preserve.
           ad omnes repentinos casus turrim tueri - to protect the tower in all events

     1. v. I look or gaze at or upon.
     2. v. I see, behold, perceive, descry.

     1. v. alternative form of exspecto

     1. v. I make like, simulate, imitate, copy, represent
     2. v. I feign, pretend
     3. v. I behave or act (as if, as though)

     1. v. I give
           Tertium non datur.law of excluded middle - A third possibility is not given: P or neg P.
     2. v. I offer, render, present with, bestow
     3. v. I put
     4. v. I yield, surrender, concede
     5. v. I adduce (e.g., a witness)

     1. v. I appear, am visible, am apparent
     2. v. (with dative) I obey, submit to, am obedient to

     1. v. first-person singular present indicative passive of video I appear, I seem.

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