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The Japanese word for outside is

そとに - soto ni


Japanese Definition

     1. 名詞. 外部、外側
     2. 名詞. 外観
     3. 形容詞. 外部の、外側の
     4. 形容詞. 最高の、極限の
     5. 形容詞. わずかな
     6. 副詞. 外側に
     7. 前置詞. ~の外側に
     8. 前置詞. ~の範囲を超えて
     9. 前置詞. ~以外に

Translations for outside and their definitions

     1. out

     1. n. (the) outside
     2. n. other (things); the rest
     3. n. alternative spelling of 余所
     4. n. (the) outside
     5. n. toilet
     6. suffix. outside; external
     7. suffix. except for
     8. n. (Buddhism) non-Buddhist teachings or texts
     9. n. (in compounds) external
     10. n. Usage: The printed form of this character often differs from its handwritten form; in the latter, the last stroke often does not pass through, as in the printed Chinese form.


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