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The Japanese word for fire is

ひ - hi


Japanese Definition

     1. 名詞. (不可算) ほのお、火炎。
     2. 名詞. (可算) 火が熾ること。熾った火。
     3. 名詞. (不可算 錬金術) 四大元素の一つ。
     4. 名詞. (可算) 火事、火災。
           There was a fire at the school last night and the whole place burned down.
           During hot and dry summers many fires in forests are caused by regardlessly discarded cigarette butts.
     5. 名詞. (可算) (英) 暖房器具。
     6. 動詞. 他動詞: ~に火をつける。
     7. 動詞. 他動詞: (銃などで)~を撃つ。
     8. 動詞. 他動詞: ~を解雇する。
     9. 動詞. 他動詞: (陶器など)~を焼く。
     10. 動詞. 自動詞: (銃などを)撃つ。
     11. 動詞. 自動詞 (生理学): (細胞内の機能を)活性化する。

Translations for fire and their definitions

     1. n. term relating to fire:
     2. n.    a flame
     3. n.   : (synonyms, ja, 火気, tr=kaki, ファイア, tr2=faia, 炎, tr3=honō)
     4. n.    cooking fire
     5. n.    a firestarter
     6. n.    sparks
     7. n.    heat
     8. n.   : (synonyms, ja, 火熱, tr=kanetsu, 熱, tr2=netsu)
     9. n.    a conflagration
     10. n.   : (synonyms, ja, 火災, tr=kasai, 火事, tr2=kaji)
     11. n.    a signal fire
     12. n.   : (synonyms, ja, 狼煙, tr=noroshi)
     13. n. (by extension) a light
     14. n. a burning passion
     15. n. menstruation
           (synonyms, ja, 月経, tr=gekkei)
     16. n. a fire
     17. n. (regional) a fire
     18. n. a fire
     19. n. one of the five classical elements in traditional Chinese philosophy and medicine: see (pedialite, Wu Xing)
     20. n. under the old (Ritsuryō) system of ancient Japan, a military grouping, consisting of 10 soldiers: a squad
           (synonyms, ja, 分隊, tr=buntai)

     1. n. fire (as a disaster); conflagration

     1. n. a flame
           ハリー・ポッターと炎のゴブレット - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
           燃え広がる炎 - Catching Fire
     2. n. (metaphor) intense emotion, passion
     3. n. a flame
     4. n. (metaphor) intense emotion, passion
     5. affix. flame; blaze
     6. affix. blazing hot
     7. affix. (disease) -itis, inflammation of...

     1. n. fire, conflagration (as in a disaster)
     2. n. (Buddhism) one of the three major calamities that destroy the world

     1. n. heater, stove

     1. n. hearth, fireplace (open recess in a wall at the base of a chimney)

     1. n. a traditional sunken hearth or fireplace cut in the middle of a floor; usually found in homes in northern Japan
           (synonyms, ja, 炉, tr=ro, ゆるり, tr2=yururi)




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