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The Japanese word for car is

じどうしゃ - jidousha
自-self, oneself (ji), 動-movement, to move (zu), 車-vehicle (sha)


Japanese Definition

     1. eng. 自動車、くるま
           She drove her car to the mall.
     2. eng. 鉄道で、客車、貨車といった動力を有さない車両。
           The conductor linked the cars to the locomotive.
     3. eng. (動力の有無にかかわらず)電車の車両。
           From the front-most car of the subway, he filmed the progress through the tunnel.
     4. eng. エレベーターの箱。
           Fix the car of the express elevator - the door is sticking.
     5. eng. 遊園地におけるアトラクションなどの乗り物。
           The child's dream was to ride the front car of the roller-coaster with her hands straight up for the whole ride.

Translations for car and their definitions

     1. counter. (used to count vehicles)
     2. affix. vehicle
           韓国車 - South Korean vehicle
     3. affix. train car
           (synonyms, ja, 車両)
           女性専用車 - car for women only
     4. n. a car, an automobile, a carriage, a cart
     5. n. a wheel, a caster
     6. n. something wheel-shaped
     7. n. a style of
     8. n. short for various terms:
     9. n. (obsolete) during the (Edo period), in the red-light district in w, Ōsaka, a prostitute whose services cost four and three (possibly in reference to the cost of a carriage ride)

     1. n. automobile, car, motorcar

     1. n. a passenger train car




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