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The Hungarian word for to listen is

to listen

Translations for to listen and their definitions

     1. v. to listen to something (to pay attention to a sound or speech)
           Zenét hallgatunk. - We are listening to music.
     2. v. to take a course in something (at a university)
           Egyetemi előadásokat hallgat. - He/she is taking university courses.
     3. v. to keep quiet, remain silent
           Nem beszél. Csak hallgat. - She does not speak. She just keeps quiet.
     4. v. to keep quiet about something
           Csak hallgat az esetről. - He/she is silent about the case.
     5. v. to heed, to take somebody's advice, to listen to someone
           Nem hallgat rám. - He/she is not listening to me.

     1. v. to watch, to observe, to pay attention, whether by seeing or hearing or both (to something: -ra)

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