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to hold

Translations for to hold and their definitions

     1. v. ((heading) To force someone or something to remain in place or in position by counteracting another force.)
     2. v.          to hold, keep (with -locative or -lative)
                   Könyvet tart a kezében. - He holds a book in his hand.
     3. v.          to support (keep in the same place, withstanding its weight)
                   A falak tartják a tetőt. - The walls support the roof.
     4. v.          to keep, keep up, preserve, retain (to hold something in the same status or condition, not letting it change or cease)
                   A hűtő hidegen tartja az ételt. - The refrigerator keeps the food cold.
                   Tartja az iramot. - He/she/it keeps up the pace.
     5. v.          to keep (not give up or relinquish)
                   Tudsz titkot tartani? - Can you keep a secret?
     6. v.          to keep back, hold back, hinder, detain, retain (optionally with -locative)
     7. v.          to keep, observe, follow (rule, obligation, custom, tradition, or ritual)
     8. v.          to keep (to remain faithful to a given promise, word, bet or wager)
                   (idiomatic): Tartja a szavát. - He keeps his word. (i.e. a promise)
     9. v.          to keep, maintain, cultivate, foster, harbor, nurse, nurture, cherish (relationship with any acquaintance, familial relations, or bad feelings, grudge
     10. v. ((heading) To provide some person or another being with a place to stay or a way of life, supplying them, or to keep, own something temporarily somewhere.)
     11. v.          to employ, hire, keep, have (someone for regular service)
                   Bejárónőt tart. - S/he employs a daily help.
     12. v.          to keep, raise, farm (a pet or other animal)
                   Kutyát tart. - S/he keeps a dog.
     13. v.          to keep, store (to hold something in the same place; with -locative)
                   A fontos papírokat a fiókban tartom. - I keep the important documents in the drawer.
     14. v. ((heading) To perform an action that takes some time.)
     15. v.          to have, hold, give, conduct, perform (a lecture, performance, presentation, meeting, etc.; on something: -ról)
     16. v.          to take (a break)
                    (coi, szünetet tart, to take a break)
     17. v. ((heading) To believe, deem, consider.)
     18. v.          to find, think, deem, consider, regard something (with -nak)
                   Ezt az ötletet jónak tartom. - I find this idea good.
                   Saját felelősségemnek tartom. - I consider it (as) my own responsibility
     19. v.          to esteem, deem, regard, think highly or poorly of (with -ra)
                   Sokra tartom ezt az embert. - I highly think of this person.
     20. v. ((heading) To go on for a certain time, to extend to a certain limit.)
     21. v.          to last, continue, go on, to be in progress (used with -tól … -ig)
                   Az előadás délig tart. - The lecture goes on until noon. (The lecture ends at noon)
                   Tart még a film a tévében? - Is the film still playing on TV?
     22. v.          to take up space, extend
                   A dugó a Petőfi utcától a Kossuth utcáig tart. - The traffic jam extends from Petőfi Street up to Kossuth Street.
     23. v. ((heading) To be somewhere in a progress or to go somewhere.)
     24. v.          to be at, to have got(ten) to some point (while proceeding, momentarily describing how far a process has gone; used with -locative)
                   A könyv elején tartok. - I am at the beginning of the book.
                   Hol tartasz a munkával? - How far have you got with your work?
     25. v.          to head to some direction, to be bound somewhere (with -lative)
                   Merre tartasz? - Where are you headed?
     26. v.          to join or accompany someone (with -val)
                   Velünk tartasz? - Will you join us?
     27. v.          to converge, have limit at (-hoz or -ba)
                   A sorozat 0-hoz tart. - The sequence converges to 0.
     28. v. ((heading) To be afraid of or sorry about something.)
     29. v.          to fear, to be afraid or apprehensive (of someone or something -tól)
                   Tartok a betörőktől. - I’m afraid of burglars.
     30. v.          to be afraid, to be regretful, to be sorry
                   Attól tartok, nem tudok ebben segíteni önnek/neked. - I am afraid I cannot help you in this matter.
     31. adj. accusative singular of tar

     1. v. to maintain (to keep up)

     1. v. to contain, hold, comprise

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