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     1. n. clock (instrument used to measure time)
     2. n. o'clock (when indicating time)
           Kello on kahdeksan. (lit. The clock is eight.)
             It's eight o'clock.
     3. n. time (when asking the time or telling exact time)
           Paljonko kello on? (lit. How much is the clock?)
             What's the time?
           Kello on 20:32.
             The time is 8:32 pm.
     4. n. watch (portable or wearable timepiece)
     5. n. timer (device that gives an alarm after a specified time)
           munakello = egg timer
     6. n. clock (metaphor for regularity)
           Hän tuli joka päivä kellon tarkkuudella.
             He arrived every day with clocklike regularity.
     7. n. (nautical) o'clock (used to indicate direction in relation to the vessel's position so that 12 is straight ahead and 6 is straight behind)
           Tunnistamaton lentokone kello kahdessa!
             An unidentified aeroplane at two o'clock!
     8. n. bell (object made of metal or other hard material, which resonates when struck)
           Kenelle kello soi?
             For whom the bell tolls?
     9. n. bell (signal at a school)
     10. n. bellflower (plant of the genus Campanula)
           harakankello, spreading bellflower, C. patula
           hirvenkello, bristly bellflower, C. cervicaria
           kiirunankello, arctic bellflower, C. uniflora
           kissankello, bluebell, harebell, C. rotundifolia
           kurjenkello, peach-leaved bellflower, C. persicifolia
           peurankello, clustered bellflower, C. glomerata
           ukonkello, wide-leaved bellflower, C. latifolia
           varsankello, nettle-leaved bellflower, C. trachelium
           vuohenkello, creeping bellflower, C. rapunculoides

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