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Common Finnish Words

A list of the most common Finnish words ordered by their frequency of use. You can use this list to learn words efficiently, ensuring you cover the basic vocabulary of Finnish.

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1 on
     1. v. third-person singular indicative present of olla
           Se on tuolla. - It is there.
           Se on ollut tuolla. - It has been there.
2 ei
     1. interj. no! (a negating expression)
     2. v. The third-person singular form of the negation verb, used also with impersonal verb forms (see the usage in passive below). The English translations include don’t, doesn’t, not (with auxiliary verbs a
3 ja
     1. conj. (coordinating) and
4 se
     1. pron. (demonstrative) it; (when the speaker does not point at the thing) that
     2. pron. (colloquial) he, she
     3. pron. (colloquial) the (see the usage notes below)
5 hän
     1. pron. (personal) he, she, one or singular they (only of a human being; the pronoun doesn't determine the sex of the person).
6 mitä
     1. pron. partitive singular form of mikä
     2. pron. partitive plural form of mikä
     3. pron. (interrogative) what, which (as a direct object or as a object of a preposition).
           Mitä sinä teet?
              What are you doing?
7 en
     1. v. The first-person singular form of the negation verb. The English translations include do not/don’t and not (with auxiliary verbs and be).
8 että
     1. conj. (subordinating) that (conjunction indicating that the subordinate clause of the subject of the verb of the main clause)
           Tiedän, että osaan tehdä sen.
             I know (that) I can do it.
     2. conj. (subordinating) Indicates purpose in order to, to, so that
     3. conj. as to
9 ole
     1. v. indicative present connegative of olla
           (minä) en ole / (me) emme ole
           (sinä) et ole / (te) ette ole
           hän ei ole / he eivät ole
             (I am not / You are not / She/He is not / We are not / You are not / They are not)
10 olen
     1. v. first-person singular indicative present of olla
           (Minä) olen lääkäri.
             I am a doctor.
           Olen sokea.
             I'm blind
11 niin
     1. adv. so, then, in that case
     2. adv. so, to this or that extent
     3. adv. very
           Tuo on niin kaunis!
             That is so beautiful!
12 minä
     1. pron. (personal) I (1st person singular personal pronoun)
     2. n. (psychology) ego.
     3. pron. essive singular form of mikä
           Minä sinä minua oikein pidät?
              What do you take me for? (when meaning take sb for sth, pitää requires essive case)
13 mutta
     1. conj. (coordinating) but
     2. n. ifs, ands, or buts; in a negative phrase, used like noun only in partitive plural (muttia) with qualifier mitään (modifications, limitations, or addenda; qualifications of any kind;
           En halua kuulla mitään muttia!
             I don't want to hear any ifs, ands or buts!
           Ei mitään muttia!
14 vain
     1. adv. only, merely, exclusively, solely, just
     2. adv. ever, in the phrasal adjective mikä vain
     3. adv. whenever, in the phrasal adjective milloin vain
15 sen
     1. pron. genitive singular form of se
     2. pron. (demonstrative) it (accusative; direct object)
           Voisitko tehdä sen?
             Could you please do it?
     3. pron. (demonstrative) its (genitive)
16 oli
     1. v. third-person singular indicative past of olla
           Se oli hauskaa.
             It was funny.
17 sinä
     1. pron. (personal) you (second person singular, familiar), (in archaic English) thou.
     2. pron. essive singular form of se
18 nyt
     1. adv. now
19 tämä
     1. pron. (demonstrative) this.
20 jos
     1. conj. (subordinating) if
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