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The Dutch word for one is

Translations for one and their definitions

     1. pron. (indefinite) One, they, (the) people; indefinite third-person singular pronoun: Men zegt dat... (People say that...; It is said that...)
     2. pron. All humanity, everyone; public opinion.
     3. v. first-person singular present indicative of mennen
     4. v. imperative of mennen

     1. pron. Second-person singular, subjective, unstressed form of jij (you)
           Wat doe je daar? — What are you doing there?
     2. pron. Second-person singular, objective, unstressed form of jou (you)
           Ik doe dit wel voor je. — I'll do this for you.
     3. pron. Second-person plural, subjective, unstressed form of jullie (you) (plural)
           Wat doe je daar? — What are you doing there?
     4. pron. Second-person plural, objective, unstressed form of jullie (you) (plural)
           Ik doe dit wel voor je. — I'll do this for you.
     5. det. Second-person singular, unstressed form of jouw (your)
           Neem je boek en maak die oefening. — Take your book and do that exercise.
     6. det. Second-person plural, unstressed form of jullie (your) (plural)
           Neem je boeken en maak die oefening. — Take your books and do that exercise.
     7. pron. Second-person singular of je (yourself)
           Heb je je gewassen? — Did you wash yourself?
     8. pron. Second-person plural of je (yourselves)
           Hebben jullie je goed voorbereid? — Have you all prepared yourselves well?

     1. pron. Unstressed form of zij
     2. adv. (following an imperative) break a leg, go get 'em, do well, good luck
           Werk ze vanavond!
             Good luck working tonight!

     1. pron. (de enige) only one
           Jij bent de enige die er bezwaar tegen heeft.
             You are the only one who has objections.
     2. pron. (het enige) only thing
           Het enige dat ik zie is bomen.
             The only thing I see is trees.
     3. adj. inflected form of enig

     1. num. one
           Eén tel met jou is mooier dan een eeuwigheid alleen. — One count with you is more beautiful than an eternity alone.

     1. n. dollar bill

     1. art. the (definite article, masculine and feminine gender)
           De man — “The man”
           De vrouw — “The woman”
           Het boek — “The book”
           De boeken — “The books”
           De oude man en de zee.
             The Old Man and the Sea.

     1. art. (indefinite) Placed before a singular noun, indicating a general case of a person or thing: a, an. Compare with de and het.
     2. num. (cardinal) one

     1. adv. once, one time
     2. adv. sometime, at an unspecified time
     3. adv. even
     4. adj. of one accord or opinion, in agreement

     1. pron. one (contrasting with another)
           Wil je die ene, of die andere?
             Do you want that one, or that other one?
     2. pron. so-called

     1. n. unity
     2. n. unit

     1. det. the same (used to modify non-neuter nouns)

     1. adv. sometime (in the future)
           ooit zal ik er heen gaan
             I will go around there sometime in the future
     2. adv. ever
           heb je ooit getennist?
             have you ever played tennis?
     3. adv. once (in the past)
           Zo miste hij ooit het NK dammen in Utrecht omdat hij in de trein in slaap was gevallen en enkele keren tussen Groningen en Zwolle heen en weer was gereden.
             So once he missed the NK checkers tournament in Utrecht because he had fallen asleep in the train and had ridden a few times back and forth between Groningen and Zwolle.

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